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Enjoying the Taste of Rose Wine

Have you already heard about rose wine? They are usually referred by drinkers and wine experts as a summer wine because of its light, crisp and refreshing character that makes it ideal for the summer season. However, they are often considered by wine aficionados as a poor kind of red wine. Rose wine

It came from the French word rose which means pinkish. Usually, it is made from red varietals. The process is just the same as red wine making. The grapes will be pressed to get the juice from it together with the skin. However, it is only made for a day or two so that the reddish colouring can be retained. After that, the skins will then be discarded, unlike with red wines. The fermentation period is lengthened like the making of white wine and they are often made on stainless steel tanks.

Rose wine – where to find?

You can find different styles of rose wine all over the world, but is simpler compared to red wines and white wines even if it is also made from grapes. The European kinds of this wine are usually dry while the wines that came from the United States are generally medium to sweet.

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Since it is considered as a poor type of wine by the experts, it does not mean that it does not have a good taste. The taste of wine can be different from one person to another. You may like the taste of rose wine while others don’t. This kind of wine is best together with every day meals. You can drink it on a daily basis if you want. It is not as strong as other wines so it can be a good choice when you are having meals whether it is breakfast, lunch or supper. Rose wine is also very good for picnics during warm summer months.

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  • Red Wine Connoisseur

    It’s common sense that red wine goes well with red meat and white wine goes well with fish.

    But what happens if I eat fish with red wine or eat steak with white wine?
    Is it bad for health?
    Or is it just because such combinations aren’t as good as the recommended combinations in terms of taste?