Red Wine

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Red Wine for connoisseurs? Red wine is possibly the first commodity mankind manufactured and documented evidence from around eight thousand years BC reflects this. It has formed an integral part of most cultures in religious and celebratory events. Today it is an everyday household product for connoisseurs and plebs alike […]

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How to Get Started Making Homemade Wine

If you have given some thought to the idea of making homemade wine but just haven’t quite gotten around to it yet, there is no reason to delay any longer. Thousands of people around the world happily enjoy the benefits and rewards of making homemade wine. While certain equipment is required, […]

Wine Tasting

Wine will deserve some serious attention in my opinion, it’s above what a drink. It’s hence which think it’s very strange that there’s no defined tasting procedure sporting a universal acceptance. Almost all of wine tasters follow his or her determined plan when tasting and will also change from one […]

The Benefits of Wine

Sitting down at my family dinner table one night, my brother brought out a bottle of wine and poured my family a glass each. I being a non-drinker refused the glass, however my brother vehemently insisted that I take it and drink it for the good of my health. My […]